Do you keep track of your betting history?

While it’s not the most enjoyable thing to do, keeping track of your bets is one of the keys to success in the industry. Here’s why: 

Track your profits/losses 
It’s a good idea to have a clear picture of how much you’re earning or losing. Maybe you’re losing more money than you think. Maybe you’re losing less. Either way, keeping records can help track your winnings and losses.

Finding strengths/weaknesses 
Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses can you an advantage since it will improve your overall outcome. Give attention to the areas you are strong, or improve on your weakest areas. You should be able to see an increase in your winnings or a decrease in losses. 

Create new strategies 
eeping track of your records can be used to analyse your strategies and improve on them. It’s a way for you to know which one is working out great for you. By taking note of your bets, you’ll get a clearer idea of what you’re right and where you’re going wrong. 

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