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Football predictions

Welcome friend! In this page you’ll find my latest football predictions and tips. You can see on 99bettingtips a full track of my picks, but here i’m keeping it cleaner with only the active predictions.

Also i’ll be diving deeper into some topics that i think are important for people interested in football picks.


Our latest prediction

Tottenham vs Arsenal (Lost)

We picked arsenal with an odd of 2.95

football predictions

Football prediction sites

There are lots of football prediction sites out there and i must tell you that unfortunately the majority of them are pure snake oil! Some are so crappy that they delete negative feedback and comments, others trick people into buying subscriptions by showing fake track records.

Some of them however are worth their salt. Here’s a short list of some that i tested and find that are worth it:




mathematical football predictions

The trend for artificial intelligence and mathematical predictions is gaining traction and the number of companies providing this service is also increasing. I understand the logic behind these kind of football predictions and i actually agree with most of them.

My only concern about this subject is that i see too many services with questionable quality. Also i don’t see a need for one to pay for these services when there are plenty of good tipsters out there on twitter who do it for free!

I don’t use any mathematical or a.i. services but if you want to, one more for you!


why do we make only a few predictions per month

Quality over quantity!

This is not a paid service therefore i don’t need to provide you with predictions everyday.

I do this for fun and profit. My picks are the bet i personally place and if you follow them, my profit is your profit.

Also, coming up with good predictions takes time otherwise they are only random picks and have no value.


should you follow any football predictions?

You’ll be surprised with my answer here.

I say NO!

Finding value is part of the fun. At least for me. I understand that some people just want the profits and in that case i suggest you choose someone you feel confortable with. Maybe you’ll follow my tips, maybe you want tips more regularly and follow someone else. My only suggestion is that you first test them before paying for their services or placing any bets yourself.

A good professional on the football predictions world will gladly and transparently provide you with a record of his bets.


Good luck and have fun!