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The best way to bet

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

I get asked this question a lot: What’s the best way to bet? And believe it or not there is one way that makes you profits consistently. I’ve been using it for the past seven years.

The problem is that when i explain it, people runaway because they don’t want to put on the necessary work. They just want the profits.

Like there is some magic formula that allows you to make money by doing nothing… There isn’t! You have to put the hours into it.

At the end of this article i will explain you my method but first i’ll give you 8 tips that will increase your overall profits. In the end, even if you don’t want to follow the best way to bet, at least you’ll be more knowledgeable and will be more likely to make money.

Why am i laying it out this way? Because these 8 tips are meant for the casual gambler. The guy that just wants to place a few wagers here and there. Most people fit this profile and therefore you are most likely one of them.

8 tips for a better way to bet

best way to bet

#1 – don’t bet with your heart

I know you are a fan of Spain. And you bet on la rioja everytime they go out playing. Just STOP! If you are in it for the money, your favorite team is likely to be a bad choice. Simply because you are susceptible to confirmation bias and other types of biases and you can’t be impartial and make good decisions. Just stop…

This is something that does not need explanations. Everyone understands this…

#2 – understand the concept of value betting

Let’s flip a coin. If it’s heads i’ll give you 2 euros, if it’s tails you’ll give me 3. Would you take that deal?

Most punters accept these kind of deals everyday!

Value betting means understanding the concept of implied probability.

Let me share with you a trick i use very often. Before placing a bet and even before seeing what odds the bookie is offering, decide for yourself what is the probability of the outcome in which you are considering to bet.

Say for example you believe that a certain match has 50% chances of having at least 2 goals. Now go to odds converter and find out what are the expected odds for an implied probability of 50%. If your bookie is offering a higher odd than the one you were expecting, that’s a value odd and you are on track for success!

#3 – don’t just stick to the usual bookmaker – compare odds

I can’t stress this enough. If you “just” bet on what comes to your mind you are missing out on extra profits. Even if you use a high odds bookie like 1xbet or pinnacle, it’s still worth it to take a peek at the competition. Most of the times you will get a better deal. I understand that for many people having to manage multiple accounts is stressful but trust me, it’s worth it!

#4 – know your market

Your league, your team, your player, your whatever. The most successful gamblers i know specialize in some kind of market or team. Find your niche. If you are in it for the money, specializing in something will give you the necessary edge.

#5 – Underdogs are usually better choices

Let me tell you another secret: punters squash the odds for the favorite! The favorite long shot bias makes people overconfident in a result and that makes the odds of the expected result become very slim.

In the long run, you are most likely to be profitable betting on nil-nil than on “over 0.5 goals”. (provided that you are choosing the best odds available). The reason is simple: everyone expects that match to have goals and that puts pressure on the odds.

If you have the stomach for losing many times in a row betting on underdogs you will most likely succeed.

The nil-nil result is just one example of an underdog. There are many out there!

#6 – Hope is not a sensible approach

Stop betting on multiples, parlays, teasers, combos or whatever they name it. Betting a few euros hoping to gain hundreds just because you see a huge overall odd is statistically stupid. Stop doing that!

If you are reading this article, you are interested in making money. Leave the parlays to those who want the thrill, the fun and the hope…

Of all types of bets, singles is where you should focus 99% of the time.

#7 – start with a small bankroll and get to know yourself

There is a better way for bankroll management. Depending on what method you are using for your bets, bankroll management gets more or less important. Take the approach of the fixed stake of fixed percentage and you should be fine. Don’t over complicate.

Try to find the amount that sits between boredom and excitement. That is the perfect stake size for you. As your bankroll increases, adjust the stake.

For most people adjusting the stakes once a month is ideal.

#8 – use a spreadsheet

If you are betting so many times that it’s hard to keep a track record, i suggest you stop and consider what you are doing because if you bet that much you are losing. The reason being that there aren’t that many good bets out there.

I want you to write down your results for two reasons.

First, it’s another good way of knowing yourself. Trust me, you don’t!

Second and most important, you get your own statistics and get used to analyzing statistics instead of just randomly betting.

The best way to bet

We’re finally here. If you reached this part i congratulate you. You will now be a better gambler. Get ready because i’m dropping a bomb.

The best way to bet is arbitrage betting! Hold on, let me explain why.

The reason why i believe this is the best way is not only because of the profits you make but also because of what you learn by doing it!

By learning arbitrage betting, you instinctively learn all those tips i showed before. If you try it and don’t want to continue doing it because you don’t have the time or don’t want to put on the effort, it’s ok! I get it, most people are more interested in the fun than in the profits.

I won’t dive deep into explaining how this method works because i already have a detailed article on how arbitrage betting works.

In a nutshell, it’s a method that allows you to place bets on all outcomes of a specific market, and profit regardless of the outcome.

Give it a try. Knowledge takes up no space!

Good luck and have fun!