Bet Ensured: Is it worth your money?

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

We’ve been receiving lots of requests from people asking us for an opinion on Bet Ensured since it’s trending a lot lately.

But is this “pro” tipping service worth it or is it just hype? Let’s dive right into it.

How does Bet Ensured work?

Bet ensured has a team of alleged experts that guarantee over 85% of accuracy rate.  You can view some of their tips with a free membership but only for a very limited time. They have several pricing plans for different types of memberships, each of them adding a bit more access to different market types.

Registration is a super easy process since they only require basic data such as name, email, country and a phone number.

bet ensured registration form

Email and phone are required for sending you the latest tips which is a good thing.

Just after registering you find yourself on the free plan which gives you acces to some basic market tips. Keep in mind that you will only be able to see these free tips for two weeks.

bet ensured tips

After that period you will only be able to see tips if you purchase a paid plan.

Pricing plans explained

bet ensured plans

The free plan gives you access to 6 categories of picks. the categories are fixed, meaning you can’t just choose what types of markets you are interested in.

The basic plan gives you access to 12 categories, again, chosen by them.

The premium plan gives you access to all categories.

The Tips Genius and the Football expert plans give you access to high odds picks. I believe this is the only paid service worth trying because you actually get value for what you pay. I say trying because it depends on your profile and on what bookies you have access to.


Bet ensured free trial

This is where things get interesting. Ben ensured offers new users a two week trial period. During this period you have access to some tips on specific markets: 6 types to be more precise. The interesting part is that, the tips they offer are for low odds outcomes with a high probability of success.

For example, they give prediction for over 1.5 goals on games with high probability of goals.

This is likely to give you a sense of security since you will probably have many greens. This way you may think that they actually get the announced 85% success rate but with picks like this, it’s very easy to achieve that score. It doesn’t mean you will be successful in the long run but your success in the long run is not their main goal. Their main goal is for you to pay for a membership!

Alternatives to bet ensured

My favorite alternative is… Twitter! There i said it! Spend some time finding good tipsters and you’ll see that most guys on twitter give their tips freely on a daily basis. You can keep track of their picks for a period of time and when you feel confident in them you can start replicating them.

If you still feel the need to find a paid tipster service, here’s a short list of a few interesting ones:

Pros of bet ensured

  • free trial version (although short and and only for “easy” outcomes)
  • several choices for paid services
  • paid services are cheap compared to industry standard


And Cons

  • If you’re on trial, customer service is only focused on you paying for membership, not helping you make money
  • They are not responsible for your losses. They only promise to try to make it better the next day
  • Basic plans are crap. Only the most expensive plans are worth a shot if you are a high stakes gambler.

What to look for in a pro tipster service

A tipster worth his salt will allow you to test him freely for a period of time no less than two weeks. And that’s a very short period of time, specially if he doesn’t provide lots of daily picks, which he shouldn’t because usually, many tips on the same day is a sign of poor tips.

My recommendation is for you to ask for a month of free picks before committing to pay for their services. It’s not uncommon for gamblers to have a positive or negative streak and a couple of weeks on my experience are not enough to draw good conclusions.

Our final verdict

Give it a try, create an account and see for yourself what you can get in the free trial period.

I wouldn’t pay for their premium service because i don’t find their picks that attractive but that’s up to you.

Just keep in mind that choosing an outcome to bet on, is just one part of the equation. The odds you get and your bankroll management also play a big part in the long term success. Don’t rely on just betting blindfold on some random “pro” tipster.

Good luck with your bets and have fun!