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Want to start a business? Here’s 50 Profitable Ideas

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

At a time when entrepreneurship is in vogue, more and more people are exchanging the right for the uncertain. Success isn’t easy but the hardest part is taking the first step. And the first step is picking one in many possible business ideas.

In the vast majority of cases this occurs after planning has been carried out and a business has been tested.

business ideas

Although it is very beautiful to run your own business, the truth is that it is always uncertain.

  • How much will you earn at the end of the month?
  • If the month goes wrong how do you pay the bills?
  • Do you know how to implement the best dissemination strategies?

All of this has to be taken into account when deciding to drop everything and have a profitable business (or not).

So, is it possible that the wave of entrepreneurship that has risen over the past few years still allows profitable businesses to exist?

The truth is that it is increasingly simple to create a business.

Anyone takes an idea and turns it into a business. The biggest difficulty is to obtain good returns from it, and keep it running after 1 or 2 years.

It is important to mention that as a business it is understood “to sell a good or service, obtaining a gain”.

Thus, contrary to what the vast majority think, times of crisis are an excellent time to launch profitable businesses.

This happens for several reasons:

  • Sellers have a greater urgency to sell their goods, which allows acquisitions to be well below normal market value;
  • It is easier to acquire companies already in operation, avoiding having to start from scratch;
  • In times of crisis, prices tend to fall;
  • When a person finds himself on par with unemployment, he is willing to take more chances because he has nothing to lose.

20 profitable businesses ideas during the Coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic has brought countless changes to our lives, especially in relation to work.

Many people lose their jobs or find themselves in lay off with reduced wages. This forced them to look for new sources of income to supplement the budget.

With that in mind, we developed this list of 20 profitable businesses in the pandemic, so you can get inspired and start a new venture.

In summary they are:

  1. Manufactured products
  2. Sale of food and beverages
  3. Online courses and classes
  4. Entertainment for the little ones
  5. Repairs, reforms and services in general
  6. Sale of cosmetic and self-care products
  7. Freelancer services
  8. Sale of accessories for physical activities
  9. Sale of ergonomic computer accessories
  10. Food Delivery
  11. Apparel E-commerce
  12. Online Franchises
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Online coaching
  15. Consulting
  16. Personal Trainer online
  17. Sale of items and accessories for gamers
  18. Fitness food
  19. Private tutoring classes
  20. Sale of home furnishings

30 Profitable Business Ideas in “normal” times

Now that you have realized that there are excellent business ideas, here are some options to invest in.

Business Ideas List:

  • 1 – Acquisition of companies
  • 2 – Coaching
  • 3 – Purchase and resale of goods
  • 4 – Low cost business
  • 5 – Bet on the internet
  • 6 – Production of organic agricultural products
  • 7 – Recycling of materials
  • 8 – Personal Trainer
  • 9 – Local shop
  • 10 – Luxury items
  • 11 – Have a local accommodation
  • 12 – Being a designer
  • 13 – Web designer
  • 14 – Remodeling of properties
  • 15 – Buying property for rent
  • 16 – A franchise
  • 17 – Virtual Assistant
  • 18 – Having an online store
  • 19 – Being a programmer
  • 20 – Professional Makeup Artist
  • 21 – Training
  • 22 – Create an affiliate business
  • 23 – Coworking
  • 24 – Business with animals
  • 25 – Work with environmental consultancy
  • 26 – Beauty spaces for the male audience
  • 27 – Social media management
  • 28 – Drones
  • 29 – Food Trucks
  • 30 – Being a Tour Guide

Believe it or not, they have an excellent possibility of evolution, as long as you specialize in the segment.

1 – Acquisition of companies

Although we are no longer in a period of very sharp crisis, the truth is that dozens of companies close in Portugal daily.

Investors with financial capacity and know-how can take risks in the acquisition of existing companies.

And why is it an excellent opportunity? Because many of these companies have a solid reputation and a stable customer base, the investor may be able to transform a business in the process of closing its doors into something profitable and auspicious.

Believe that taking an established company is easier than starting a company from scratch. But, you will also need some caution in this regard.

You can also buy parts of companies via the stock market. Read: investing for beginners.

2 – Coaching

The coaching area has grown immensely over the years and there are already hundreds of coaches working in different areas.

In summary, these services are intended to improve the skills and abilities of people and, therefore, they are highly sought after in contexts such as the one that Portugal is currently experiencing.

Some of the most common examples are:

  • Fashion Coach
  • Conscious parenting
  • food
  • NLP (NLP)

There are numerous options at your disposal.

3 – Purchase and resale of goods

With the crisis, many people decided to sell some of their most valuable assets, with the aim of making money quickly.

This opens the door to profitable business, based on the purchase and resale of goods. Although we are not in crisis, there is still enormous potential for this type of business.

4 – Low cost business

The low cost context is increasingly strong in our society.

Low cost air carriers, low cost accommodation units, low cost meals, etc. The population is constantly looking for the cheapest products and services, so betting on this concept represents a good opportunity.

Obviously, before creating a low cost business, you have to understand the costs associated with it, as well as how to make a profit.

Remember that it is above all a business and must be profitable.

5 – Bet on the internet

The Internet represents an excellent opportunity for those looking for profitable businesses.

Some examples of online business ideas are:

  • Sell used items;
  • Create a blog and sell advertising;
  • Provide services as a freelancer.

6 – Production of organic agricultural products

People are increasingly looking for organic products and starting a business in this field is a smart option, as this area is expected to register continuous growth in the coming years.

In addition, the shift to a healthier lifestyle with less consumption of processed products opens the door to a wide variety of businesses.

7 – Recycling of materials

All businesses that use materials that are considered garbage for most people are highly profitable.


Because it is possible to purchase the raw material at very low prices and after the “modification” of the products, its sale will have a very high profit percentage.

If you are good at crafts and looking for profitable business ideas, this is a good investment.

8 – Personal Trainer

Today’s society feels a greater need to find personalized products and services.

The fitness world is no exception and there is a growing demand for Personal Trainers. In this sense, this is certainly a profitable business.

Of course you need to have higher education in sport or at least very advanced knowledge on this subject.

Remember that a PT, in addition to helping achieve goals, helps prevent injuries.

9 – Local shop

Local businesses are again in demand and finding a good location and products that are really useful and somehow unique have a guaranteed customer.

Products related to clothing, footwear and food are betting with good chances of success.

This is undoubtedly one of the best business ideas in 2020.

10 – Luxury items

The truth is that the lower and middle classes were most affected by the recent economic crisis.

However, the upper class continues to have great purchasing power and is looking for unique and personalized luxury products.

Exporting these items is also an excellent option. But, if you invest in that niche, we are sure that you will have immense success.

11 – Have a local accommodation

The simple truth is that whoever has a vacant house can clearly monetize it with little effort.

Be it an apartment in the middle of the city or a house in the countryside, if you are looking for ideas to earn money, know that you have a valiant gold mine in your hand.

12 – Being a designer

The truth is that the design and multimedia area has seen an explosive increase in hiring.

This is because more and more companies want to hire freelancers who work not only on the company’s corporate image – that is, the entire brand image – but also want them to work on the images for social networks.

So, if you have excellent knowledge in this area and if you have excellent taste, this is one of the best ideas for starting a business with little money.

13 – Web designer

Well, another very profitable idea of a business that you can open, is essentially part of web design.

Although content creation for the various social networks and supporting materials – such as ebooks or infographics – may also be involved at this point, the main job of a webdesigner ends up being the construction of websites.

Here, best of all, you don’t need any special course. Just learn to work with the best CMS and understand how it works.

Then, with practice, everything is achieved.

14 – Properties remodeling

With the real estate bubble that has been felt, the truth is that buying real estate to remodel is an excellent business opportunity.

You obviously need to have excellent partnerships and ensure that the sale price of the property after the works arrives to cover not only the costs of remodeling, but also to make a good profit.

15 – Buying property for rent

This is one of the business ideas in Portugal that most fans have gained. Who has money to invest, can buy a property and put the same to rent.

In addition to the property paying itself, it still manages to get a good monthly return without having to have a lot of trouble. In fact, if you choose your tenants well, you won’t have any trouble.

Read also: investing in real estate.

16 – A franchise

It is important to stress at the outset that not all franchising models need to be very expensive.

In fact, there are very affordable business models that have immense success and a brutal return on investment.

After all, you always have a competent manager on your side who will help you to take the reins of your business correctly. So we are sure that it is an excellent option for you

17 – Virtual Assistant

Until recently, the virtual assistant business was not even known.

However, over the past year this service has multiplied immensely. And what does it consist of? Basically as a virtual assistant you will work from home to help entrepreneurs with administrative tasks.

Some of the most common tasks are:

  • Agenda management
  • Social media management
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Sending documentation

Anyway, there is a wide range of options, so here you can do countless tasks that make your work an asset for the client.

18 – Having an online store

More and more People people buy over the internet. So, this is one of the many online business ideas that you can open with a reduced investment.

But, also in this case, it is important that you understand what niche you will operate in, as the e-commerce area starts to be a bit saturated taking into account the number of virtual stores that open daily.

19 – Being a programmer

One of the biggest business trends for 2021 remains to be a programmer. In fact, a person who knows how to handle code in a practical and simple way can earn a lot of money working as a freelancer.

But, if you want to have a company of yours in this area, it is also possible. You just need to bring together a team of multi-disciplinary people, and we are sure that you will be very successful.

20 – Professional Makeup Artist

Women are increasingly concerned with their appearance, and want to know how to put on makeup or at home in need of a professional makeup artist to make them look beautiful for a certain event.

So, if you know a lot about make-up, here is an excellent option for a low cost business with a high yield.

In addition to being able to work at a hairdresser, you can also do make-up sessions at home, join photo sessions and even give workshops.

21 – Training

Do you have a lot of expertise in an area? Do you like speaking in public and not afraid to choke in the middle of a conference?

If you answered yes to these two questions, know that an excellent way to have a profitable business is to provide training.

They can be online, in person, by modules… in short, you need to understand who your target audience is and what their pains are in order to be able to remedy them with excellent training content.

22 – Create an affiliate business

Last but not least, an excellent option to have a profitable business and work with an affiliate system.

Basically it is about selling other people’s products or services, for a previously agreed commission.

Believe me, it is a very simple way to make money and succeed. Along with that, you can sell affiliate products and still exercise together some more of the ideas we mentioned earlier.

23 – Coworking

The term coworking literally means “shared work”. And, this is a concept that is gaining more and more space among self-employed workers.

In coworking, a group of people share the same space that can be a room, an office or even a space fully developed for this purpose.

In this way, a division of expenses ends up being made, making the space more affordable than renting a traditional office.

This is a simple business, as a space with tables and workstations is enough for interested parties to rent them for the necessary time.

Best of all, the investment itself does not have to be very high.

24 – Animal related Business

More and more we have pets as true members of the family. And, we ended up giving them all the care and pampering worthy of a king (or queen).

With this, the market for products and services for animals grows more and more. And, it is a market branch that tends to expand. Furthermore, it is unlikely to be an area hit by economic crises.

There are companies that even have birthday parties for dogs and cats, with the right to cake and all the goodies for pets, including beer. So a little creativity is enough to profit a lot in this area.

25 – Work with environmental consultancy

Concern for the environment has reached large companies, which increasingly invest in clean production and ways of preserving the ecosystem.

For these projects to get off the ground, these companies need specialized consultants in the area. And what will your task be? Suggest and assist in the implementation of environmental protection measures.

Anyone who is prepared to provide consultancy in this field will certainly be one step ahead of highly profitable businesses.

26 – Beauty spaces for the male audience

Gone are the days when men were not concerned with appearance, and were indifferent to beauty routines.

Increasingly, the male audience is becoming vain and concerned with care regarding appearance. Some good examples are haircuts, beards and skin care.

The problem is that many still feel uncomfortable in going to salons full of women. So opening a space for men is a great deal.

27 – Social media management

Managing your own social network is probably simple. But have you ever thought of having to take care of one or more accounts that have thousands of followers, who are constantly interacting with likes and comments?

It is certainly not a simple task, and this is the reality of many companies and brands that advertise their products and services on social networks.

Having a person in charge of managing these profiles is essential for the pages to be kept up to date and the public to be satisfied.

Those who dedicate themselves to this work are, without a doubt, in a market branch that grows every year.

28 – Drones

Drones have fallen in with consumers and companies alike. And now they are already explored for several purposes, including as a delivery service or as a filming tool for weddings.

An unusual novelty that can earn a lot of money for those who venture into the business.

29 – Food Trucks

Food Trucks have spread around the world, and have gained the preference of those looking for quality and practicality in their daily meals.

It is worth investing in the idea, as the market for the sale of food is constantly changing. And, best of all, this option does not require an initial capital as high as that of a restaurant, for example.

30 – Being a Tour Guide

Perhaps you live in a tourist area and you know it very well.

Therefore, the tourism industry is a promising area, in which it is worth investing and betting as a profitable business.

you can be rich

These are 30 simple and practical ideas that you can put into practice with some ease and that can be highly profitable.

Remember that offering a unique and differentiated service, with a fair price and high value for customers is the best way to achieve success.

In addition, if you are going to dedicate yourself to a business, dedicate yourself to something that you love. Only then can you leverage your project to the maximum.

It’s a cliché, but working with passion makes success easier.

20 Profitable business ideas during covid-19

1 – Manufactured products

The confinement made many people perfect their creative side and thus create new products with the resources they had at home.

Crafts, masks, food … Anyway, the opportunities are endless, this being one of the businesses that grew most during the pandemic.

2 – Sale of food and drinks by delivery

One of the most profitable businesses during the coronavirus is without a doubt the sale of food and beverages.

With the closure of bars, restaurants and other establishments in this sector, delivery orders increased considerably.

In fact, many food businesses had to adapt to the new reality and adhere to apps like Uber Eats or Glovo as a way to sell their products.

3 – Online courses and classes

The demand for online courses also grew dramatically during the pandemic. Those who want to improve themselves professionally are increasingly opting for this modality to keep themselves updated.

For those who are experts in a particular subject, it is worth producing this type of content and disseminating classes and courses online.

4 – Entertainment for the little ones

With children without face-to-face classes, many parents are having to find ways to keep their children entertained to find time to work.

Thinking about it, many teachers, educators and other professionals started to disseminate content with tips and entertainment ideas for the little ones who are also confined at home.

5 – Repairs, reforms and services in general

With the crisis, the tendency is for people to try to remodel goods instead of buying new ones. Therefore, anyone who has skills with automotive maintenance, clothing arrangements or the like can start promoting this service in your region.

6 – Sale of cosmetic and self-care products

The impossibility of attending clinics and esthetic establishments also increased the sales of a business that is already profitable in itself. We are talking about selling cosmetic products.

Even at home, all women want to continue taking care of themselves. Thus, they are investing more and more in this type of product, making it a great opportunity to make a profit.

7 – Freelancer services

Working as a freelancer has also proved to be a great alternative during the pandemic, as companies look for remote professionals to provide services.

They can work in the most diverse sectors such as writing and proofreading, translation, social media management …

8 – Sale of accessories for physical activities

In order not to fall into the pitfalls of sedentary lifestyle while working from home, many adapted physical activities to be done at home.

Thus, there was a significant increase in the sale of exercise accessories, namely: yoga mats, stretching bands, dumbbells …

9 – Sale of ergonomic computer accessories

To be able to work efficiently at home, you need to create a comfortable working environment.

Thus, it may be a good idea to invest in the sale of ergonomic accessories for computers, such as mice, keyboards and notebook stands. A great business option to open in the pandemic.

10 – Food delivery

Delivery is more popular than ever, especially food delivery.

Anyone who has a motorcycle or bicycle can easily register with a delivery app and earn extra money to balance their accounts at the end of the month. The flexibility of schedules is one of the biggest advantages of this type of work.

11 – Clothes E-commerce

This is one of the best times to work with online sales. Therefore, opening an e-commerce can be a good profitable business opportunity during coronavirus.

Garments are a great option for those who want to venture into this niche market, as it is a type of product with high demand on the internet.

12 – Online Franchising

Nowadays we find many cases of franchising success not only physical, but also online. They sell various types of products and services.

Investing in a franchise can be very advantageous, as you will have the support and support of the company that provides the necessary guidelines for the business to be successful.

13 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting products from other people or companies. If people buy anything through your recommendations, you will earn a commission for it.

There are currently very popular niches for affiliate marketing, including web hosting, online services, healthcare products and even basic material goods.

Affiliate marketing sounds hard for many people but you won’t believe how easy it is to do. If i could only pick one in this list of business ideas, affiliate marketing would be the one!

14 – Online coaching

The coach acts as a guide, being a professional who applies his knowledge and methodology in people’s personal, professional and business lives, helping them to reach their goals in a short time.

Whoever has this certification should invest in the online coaching modality, since many are looking for guidance to overcome the consequences brought by the pandemic crisis.

15 – Consulting

Professionals from different fields can work as consultants, namely: lawyers, accountants, administrators …

Many companies look for this type of professional to help with internal issues. Therefore, at the present time, offering the online consulting service can generate a lot of profit.

16 – Personal trainer online

Since it is not possible to attend gyms as in the past, the alternative that remains is to exercise at home.

Therefore, many professionals are producing content online, with adapted exercises, so that people continue to do physical activities at home.

17 – Sale of items and accessories for gamers

Video games have become the most sought after option for those looking for home entertainment. Therefore, along with the sale of consoles, the sale of accessories for gamers, such as headphones, controls, chairs and many more, has also increased.

Reselling these items will surely be one of the profitable businesses in the pandemic.
18 – Fitness foods

Confinement, among many inconveniences, also brought many more pounds.

To regain good shape, a diet is essential, so selling food and fitness lunch boxes is also a lucrative business option.

19 – Private tutoring classes

Children and young people were severely affected by the interruption of face-to-face classes, with many showing learning difficulties in the online modality.

For this reason, many parents seek tutoring to help their children maintain good school performance. Offering this service on the internet can bring a great financial return.

If you have expertise on a particular subject, this is one of the best business ideas.

20 – Sale of decorative items for the home

Staying longer at home made us look at our home with more affection, increasing the sale of decorative items to satisfy those who want to renovate that corner.

Without a doubt, a good e-commerce idea to profit from this pandemic.

Certainly some of these lucrative business options during coronavirus will help to get that extra money and get around the crisis we are experiencing.

Choosing from a huge number of business ideas

Generally speaking, the more options we have the harder it is to choose. It’s called the paradox of choice and is also true for business ideas.

Don’t get stuck on it. Don’t delay the decision to start today until you find the perfect idea. I’m sure that among these 50 business ideas there is something that gives you that feeling of excitement.

Remember, the most important is starting at once and being persistent with it!