betting strategies - dutching


Last Updated on December 21, 2020

Have you ever wanted to place multiple bets on a horse race because you had several favourite horses running and you didn’t know how much to bet on each one? There is a technique that solves this problem: that’s called dutching!


Dutching is a technique for placing multiple bets on the same market in order to have the same amount of winnings if one of your picks wins.


Don’t confuse dutching with arbitrage betting. Although they are commonly referred to as the same thing they are very different. In arbitrage betting you find opportunities to make a profit regardless of the outcome, while in dutching you don’t necessarily bet on all outcomes and only make a profit if one of your picks wins.


is it legal?

Heck yeah! There is no law that prevents you from placing multiple bets on the same market. You can do it on the same bookamer and across multiple bookies or exchanges.


Is dutching profitable?

Being profitable first and foremost depends on your overall quality as a gambler.

Dutching tends to make you a bit more profitable than you already are. Simply because if you tend to make good picks, by using a dutching technique you amplify those good choices. If you’re a lousy gambler don’t expect any improvements just because you are placing more bets.


Is dutching risk free?

No! This gets asked a lot and the answer is already above in the profitability section. Dutching is likely to increase your profits if you overall tend to have profits but it won’t help you if you often lose. In you tend to lose i suggest you learn a bit about arbitrage betting.


How to calculate stakes

There is no point in showing you some weird formulas. There are lots of free calculators online. Here’s my favorite calculator. You can just add it to your bookmarks and use it whenever you need.

Good luck and have fun!