Elderly with tattoos: How awesome can it be?

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

Many people are afraid to make a tattoo because they think it might look bad when they are older. These elderly people with tattoos prove that a tattoo can be as awesome both in young and elders.

Others are afraid of the investment because a great tattoo can be pricey!

In 2012, more than 20 percent or 45 million Americans had one or more tattoos, so it is no more a surprise to sport some body art to anyone. And that number comprises not only of people in their early twenties but also a nice percentage of older people with tattoos. We bet that most of the 45 million people before getting their tattoo designs inked were asked to think how would they look when they’re in their 60s. Well, the best answer to that would probably be that no one will look as good in their sixties that they did in their twenties, so the ink has nothing to do with that, really.

Many people balk at the idea of getting a tattoo either for fear that the aged tattoos will look bad, or that it would be unfitting for an older person. While that’s a matter of personal taste, these older people with tattoos are here to show you that their tattoo ideas and execution are just as impressive now as they were back then.

Start saving money for a great tattoo, you won’t regret it!

Here’s a few examples:


Beautiful couple!

elderly people with tattoos

elderly with tattoos

Some you can even hide!

Still sexy!

Maybe a couples tattoo?

Elderly with tattoos and beards are always a great combo!

elderly with tattoos
elderly people with tattoos

elder woman with tattoo

How awesome is this guy?

elderly with tattoos
elderly with tattoos

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