You know what happens when you put salt behind the door?

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

Salt behind the door is one of those things that i wish i have discovered earlier because it is very useful no doubt, and so easy to do!
salt behind the door
Salt has always been a very special ingredient. In the past, the mineral was used as currency, so much so that the word “salary” is derived from “salt.” Moreover, we all know that salt is an important spice, used in both simple foods like the most refined. What few know is that it can be quite useful in other rooms of the house, beyond the kitchen.

Salt behind the door and other uses

Reducing the moisture from the atmosphere:
This when the house is damp, which hurts quite mobile, especially if they are of wood. Also, it accelerates the oxidation of all metal material, and restore everything can get expensive. Add a little salt in the more humid areas, as this will decrease the moisture and help prevent mold.
Leave the brightest cutlery:
Over time, the cutlery that were very bright start to get dull, dull. To solve the problem, just clean them and polish with water and salt.
Away the ants with salt:
If your home is full of these weeds, just put a little salt in the most affected regions. Such as a little salt behind the door, if they go there. By doing so, you will be forever free of unwanted ants usually go to the kitchen and the garden.
Keep fresh flowers longer:
When we receive flowers usually we want them to last with a good appearance. All you need to do is add a few pinches of salt in the water.
Eliminates the stench of shoes:
In addition to this benefit, the salt also removes the moisture from shoes. Just put a little salt inside the shoes.