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Easiest sports bets to win

Last Updated on December 11, 2020

Have you ever wondered what are the easiest sports bets to win? I know i did. And i was surprised when i found the answers. Read on to find what are the easiest sports bets to win.

There are a few types of sports and a few markets that are easier to predict and therefore easier to win. But make no mistakes. This doesn’t mean it’s easier to profit! In fact it’s usually the other way around.

easiest sports bets to win

What’s the most easier sport to predict?

The sports with higher accuracy on predictions are Football, Cricket, Volleyball and Boxing! That’s why you see most tipsters working around these sports.

Tennis comes right next to these four sports.

What are the easiest markets to predict?

If you want a high success rate on your bets take a look at over 0.5 goals, over 0.5 goals on second half and over 0.5 goals for specific team.

If you revolve around these markets you are likely to see many greens. In the long run however you are most likely losing money. The reason being is because of favorite long shot bias. People tend to squash these high probability outcomes into tiny odds and that creates opportunities for people who have nerves of steel and are looking for value bets. In the long run you are more likely to be profitable if you follow the underdog approach but get ready to be frustrated most of the time as your bets will fail a lot.

So, what are the easiest sports bets to win?

I believe what you mean is: “what’s the easiest way to make money betting?”

And the answer is: arbitrages! There are some other good betting strategies but the one that gets you profits consistently is by far arbitrage betting.

In a nutshell, arbitrage betting is a method for placing bets on all outcomes and make a profit regardless of the outcome. I won’t go into details on this article, i just want you to know that the method exists.