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How to make money from home

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

Making money from home is no longer a big deal. Stay at home fathers and nursing mothers can earn fantastic income right in the comfort of their homes.

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The emergence of the internet has made it possible. You do not need to have any talent, or a special skill before you can make a fantastic income without stepping out of your home. There are lots of home money-making ideas that you can start today. A review of some of them is done here as a guide.

Do not expect that you will become a millionaire overnight, but with time as you progress and master the strategies, you will improve on your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings.

If you start any of the online making ventures, you will be your own boss and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. You determine the amount of time to invest. To succeed you need to be passionate about the work. Look for a niche you are comfortable in doing, such a niche is going to drive your interests. Here is our review of some of the money-making ideas from home:

1 – Start your blog

The best thing about the internet is that it makes it possible for anybody to start any kind of business. There are lots of business ideas you can start on your own and one of them is a blog.

You do not need to be a professional writer before you can start your blog. You can blog on any topic of your choice. Anybody can start a blog business. Depending on the popularity of your blog, and the amount of time you spend on that blog, you can earn thousands of dollars yearly from the blog.
There are free blogs as well as a paid one. You can start with your paid blog with a little as $2.95 monthly. You can create a blog on any niche of your choice. If you create your blog you can leverage it into affiliate sale, or use it for product endorsement. Think about blogging topics carefully and ensure that you use a popular niche. Any niche can be popular it depends on those you have the interest or the passion to promote.

Your blogging idea can be on any of these topics, cooking, travel, technology, health, personal finance, and so on. If you want to start with the blog business and you do not know how to go about it, there are lots of online resources that can help you to succeed.
With time your blog will become successful. You must be committed by adding fresh content to the blog. It makes people visit and order your affiliate products.

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2 – Participate in surveys

Taking part in a survey is one of the ways of earning money from the internet. There are lots of survey sites looking for people to provide opinions on different products and services. You can make a substantial amount of money on these survey sites. Taking surveys is not difficult, and you can take some of the surveys in a few minutes. There is hardly any survey that can last for hours. Even where such a survey lasts for hours, it comes with more pay.

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It does not cost you anything to sign for these survey sites and some of them pay instantly after providing the answers. The more sites you join, the more chances of making money for yourself. Some of the sites pay instant cash through your PayPal account while others offer free products, prizes, as well as vouchers. All these are redeemable with cash. There are lots of survey sites you can begin with. It is important to warn here to beware of scam sites. Read reviews about the various providers to make a good choice. Some of the survey sites you can start with include: One Opinion, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, survey junkie, as well as American Consumer Opinion, and several others. There is also the Global test market as well as my soapbox, Opinion Outpost, and so on.

3 – Get Paid to watch movies, videos, and other tasks

You can make money right in your home by using your time to watch movie previews, videos, and YouTube. Anyone can do this. Even if you are always busy, you can devote your free time to watch those videos and movies without paying a dime.

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Instead of paying anything, you are going to get money for the time you spend watching and rating such videos. There are different kinds of videos, or movies you can watch, and there are different websites that provide such videos. You can watch celebrity videos, as well as news and other kinds of videos.

If you register in a site like Swagbucks, you can earn a consistent income doing several things including watching videos and movies. Other sites provide such services.

4 – Sign for gift cards and earn money

You can earn money or gifts for signing up with a system. Some several systems or programs pay you for signing up with them. One of such sites is Rakuten. When you sign up with this system, you are going to earn a $10 gift card. Furthermore, you can earn the first cashback rebate. If you are an online shopper, this is a great opportunity to earn money and get gift cards that you can redeem for money. To join a site like Rakuten is one hundred percent free.
If you continue to buy from such a site, you do not only get what you paid for, but you are also got paid for shopping with them.

5 – Get paid for downloading and installing apps

It may sound funny, but it is real. You will be paid money for download and install certain apps for your system. Several companies pay people for doing that including Google. These sites often have plenty of apps or they have third-party apps they want you to install and earn money for doing that.

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There are other sites other than google that can pay you for downloading and installing their apps and they include the following:

*Shop Tracker: the system will require you to answer a few questions and then download their app to your system. When you do that, you will earn $3 instantly. Ensure that you retain that app on your phone and you keep earning consistent income monthly from the system. You can help the company to find out those interesting things that consumers purchase online.

*Neilson Mobile Panel: this is another app that pays you to download the system. If you use their mobile device, you will be paid, and you can earn money yearly just for downloading, and retaining the app after downloading it.

*Mobile Xpression: this is another system that pays you for installing its app. When you install the app to the system, you would be engaged in weekly prizes draw. You will be eligible for that, and you can become one of the lucky winners of those weekly prizes which give you money. Furthermore, they offer market research and you get rewarded for that as well.

6 – Sell your old and unwanted items

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If there are old or unwanted items occupying spaces in your home, you can sell them and make money from it. This is one of the ways you can make money right from home. Some websites provide such services on the internet, and they include the following:
*eBay: this is the popular place to sell various kinds of items online and make money from it. If you have plenty of unwanted items, and you can lay hands to some of those discarded items, you can sell them to interested buyers on eBay and pocket your money. There are lots of items that you can sell here and they include wedding dresses, jewelry, books, electronics, and so on. If you want to make more money from those items, you can take a picture of it, and have an extensive image description. It is likely you receive more money from such a product.

Apart from eBay, there are other places you can sell different items and make money from your efforts and they include the following:
*Amazon: where you can sell anything of your choice. Others include the BookFinder and you can sell different kinds of books here including textbooks. There is also the ThreadUp and as the name implies, it has to do with clothes. If you have clothes to sell, you consider this site.

In the same way, you can sell electronic gazelle. For those that have plenty of DVDs to sell, they can consider sites like Deckuttr. Here you can sell your games, CDs, as well as DVDs, and so on. If you want to sell off newly wedded dresses and other wedding accessories, you can contact sites like NearlyNewlyWed. You can register with them to sell your old stuff. Furthermore, for the dispose of your vintage antiques as well as collectibles, you can sell them at RubyLane. These are some of the sites you can sell different kinds of items and make money. You can earn that money without stepping out of your house.

7 – Earn money by doing microworks online

If you have learned a skill which you think can earn you money, you can use it right in your home to solve other people’s problems. Moreover, you can provide minor freelancing jobs right in your home and earn money by doing that.

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Many companies do engage people online to perform certain services. It is cheaper for them than hiring somebody on a full-time basis to provide such services.

If you have the knowledge you can earn money from that, and you can do different kinds of jobs like graphic creation, data entry, transcription, research, and so on.

There are lots of websites that provide such services on the internet. You may not use all the sites at the same time, you can try several of them and choose those comfortable for you. Here are some of the outsourcing websites you can register with today to start earning money without stepping out of your home and they include the following:

8 – Earn money using your smartphone

You never believe it, yes, your smartphone can earn you money without stepping out of your home. There are different ways of earning through this method and they include the use of coupons, discounts, cash, points, as well as gift cards. All these will still translate to cash because you can redeem all of them to cash if you choose. While it may not be enough to maintain a bogus lifestyle with these smartphones facilitated earning systems, it can at least help offset some of the recurrent bills.
With your smartphone, you can download some of the apps that earn you money. Here are some of the apps you can download with your smartphone to start to earn from your home:
*Field Agent
*Receipt Hog

9 – Sell photos online to make money

You can sell photos online to make money. The most interesting thing about this aspect is that you are not required to be a professional photographer before you begin to make money with your photo. Website owners, e-publishers, as well as bloggers and video makers, require these photos for their blogs and sites. You can take as many images as you like. Using your phone, you can take these pictures and upload them to sites where they were would be needed.

If you sell these photos, you will make money, and the amount you make from the system ranges. Some sites share a percentage of up to fifteen percent. Some can pay as much as sixty percent. Once the sales are made, the money is deposited into your PayPal account.
There are different places you can sell your photos and they include the following:
*Adobe Stock

10 – Test websites and earn money hourly

Website testers can make money by reviewing websites. The amount you can make from this method varies. Some can pay thirty dollars hourly. Your aim of the testing website is to know how responsive that website is. Several websites can be tested daily. The system varies. You have to check different providers to learn how they work, and what you stand to gain from each of these sites. Some providers pay you $10 for every twenty minutes video you complete. You can make as much money as you can by testing several videos.
Moreover, you can check the requirements and what you are required to do after testing the websites.
There are other ways of making money from your home such as getting paid for being healthy.

11 – Becoming a freelancer

Many people depend on freelancing work to pay their bills. There are lots of freelancing service providers you can register with today such as Upwork,,, and several other providers.
You can equally make money by sharing your views, rating pizzas, as well as conducting reviews and helping search engines.


These are some ways of making money without stepping out of your home. There are several others. To get started, you require a laptop, desktop, or smartphone with a reliable internet connection. You also need a PayPal account where you can be receiving your payments.