Is arbing legal? – The most frequent question from new arbers

Last Updated on December 4, 2020

It’s only a matter of time until new arbers start asking themselves if is arbing legal.

Making money of sports betting might seem something shady. It feels like it’s not real. I’ve been doing it for around 7 years and i also felt like that at the beginning.

Is arbing legal?

Yes, arbing is legal. An arber just places bets on high value odds. Bookies say it’s against their terms and conditions but under the scope of the law, no one can prosecute you nor prove you are arbing.

is arbing legal

Bookies try to say arbing is illegal

Terms and conditions for most bookies mention something like “techniques that allow users to abuse the system”. They try to convince arbers that what they are doing is illegal and they will be arrested and rot in hell. That’s not the case. I have to be honest, eventually every bookie catches you arbing. And that’s ok! Different bookies have different policies in regards to arbers. Some will close your account but that’s not very common. The most common reaction is setting limits on your account. The limits depend on various factors and some will be very restrictive and some will be acceptable from an arber perspective.

And that’s the worst that will happen to you. don’t worry about losing your funds, specialy if your account is validated and you have no pending rollover requirements.

In 7 years and 200+ bookies i lost my funds only once! And that’s because i was a greedy noob!

Is arbing legal in your country?

Well, i don’t know where you are from but i bet you a million quid that your country has no law against arbitrage betting. I never heard of such a thing!

There is one thing you need to consider however. And that is taxes!

In the UK for example there is no tax implication for sports betting profits. Most countries where online betting is regulated, they tax the bookie instead of the gambler. That is awesome for arbers!

I can’t say anything in regards to your specific country and you may have to pay some kind of tax on your gains but that does not mean that arbing is illegal. Talk to a local accountant or advisor. They will know better.

Recommendations to keep you out of trouble

  • Don’t use fake ids. I see people doing this to abuse bookies with welcome bonus but it’s not worth it. Use your own ID. Unless of course if you are using the ID of a close friend or relative.
  • If you have to manage multiple IDs i recommend keeping an eye and being extra careful on cookies. If possible you a different computer for each ID and access the internet via a VPN.
  • Don’t go for arbs that are clearly a mistake. You will most likely have your bets voided and your account limited. This is even more important if you are under rollover requirements on some offer.

I hope you are now less worried. Arbing is legal no matter what bookies say. There is no way they can know how many bets you place across bookies or betting exchanges.

Happy arbing mate!