The secret of football betting

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

When choosing which team to place their bets on, punters tend to play it safe and bet on the big European leagues. That’s not a good choice and the opposite is the secret of football betting.

I understand that those big teams are the ones that most punters are familiar with but think about it this way: so is everyone else!

If you want to have an edge over other punters or bookies you have to know something they don’t.

Higher value is the secret of football betting

Smaller leagues offer better odds. There are no football giants in the lower leagues and the teams are usually quite evenly matched.

my secret of football betting
The Portuguese second league is my personal choice for finding great value

Therefore you could get up to four times the odds on a team, yet teams have equal chances of winning.

This gives more opportunities for value betting, whereas in the big leagues the odds are normally quite low because they know who the power houses are.

Using tipsters services

One of the most popular betting strategies is following a “pro” tipster. There’s nothing wrong with that and we offer free betting tips ourselves but you have to remember that picking a winner is only part of the equation. The odds you accept are more important than the team itself.

That’s why you should try to find value yourself. And the easiest way to do that is focusing on a particular team or small league.

I’m not saying you can’t be an expert on Premier League, i’m saying it’s much harder!

The smaller leagues are tough to find information on, which means that your bookie probably won’t be as up to date as with the bigger leagues. That’s a huge advantage for you!

Why do you think it’s 20 times easier to find an arbitrage on smaller leagues? That’s because most times bookies can’t accurately set odds and that generates huge differences in opinion.

Spread Your Bets

If you are going to employ the strategy of betting on small leagues, it is important that you spread the winnings and use more than one bookie.

If you are constantly winning you may eventually get your account closed or limited. You can in alternative use a betting exchange but you might have trouble finding liquidity on smaller leagues. You can also use a pro bookie like pinnacle but they tend not to have smaller leagues on their market choices precisely because smaller leagues are harder for them to set odds.

Start learning the ins and outs of your local smaller leagues and you have a lot of fun, and profit!

Happy betting!